Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s finally DONE!!!

So, I had a whole post with a progression of the playground being built, but my computer shut down on me, and I lost it. So, you are getting the completed product!!


The whole playground as seen from the patio


The top clubhouse


The bottom clubhouse with sandbox, platform and picnic bench.


Picnic Bench




Rock climbing wall


Crow’s Nest over the swings


Back of the play set


The kids enjoying the swings!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that this is finally done. We do have to block the ladder to the top portion from Corey because he doesn’t really know his limits as far as getting close to the edge. He doesn’t really care for the toddler swing, don’t know why. But he LOVES to go down the slide. We usually just lift him up to let him go down. I am going to bring his little broom out there so he can sweep off the platform where sand gathers. YAY!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clancy’s and the Beach

Now that Clancy’s has moved to Flagler Ave., Chris and I like to take a walk on the beach after we eat. Corey loves to chase the birds on the beach, but is not too fond of the water. IMG_0400 

Corey enjoying a lemon at Clancy’s


Corey chasing the birds at the beach.


“Daddy, please don’t make me go in the water”


Corey wanted to wash his hands, but didn’t want to touch the water.

He did eventually go in the water, but he had to be holding both of our hands…

Sea World

We had a great time at Sea World!!! Corey loved looking at all the animals and watching the Killer Whales perform.