Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They go everywhere with him!!

When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. He sleeps with them, bathes with them, rides with them. Anywhere we go, at least one "vroom" has to come with us.

Our Backyard is Coming Along

Raised bed- there will be more eventually, with bench seats connecting them...

The mess

Water feature

Steps 1-5 of 102, but I have all the wood organized now, so it should go a lot faster!!!

Corey watering the plants

Corey Loves His Spaghetti

Corey really digs into his spaghetti when he eats it!!! Notice the fork in this picture.
Lost the fork, the fingers get more in!!

All done!!! Notice the clean tray. Corey does clean up after himself!!

Cow Appreciation Day

Corey was dressed up too, but being less than cooperative for pictures. he did look cute though!!! I did not, however, receive my free meal that day, because I did not dress up like a cow...Poor Alyssa looks like she is in pain!

Cleaning out the pantry...

Corey "helped"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

The 4th was a productive day for us. My dad and I worked on Corey's swing set while Sammy kept an eye on Corey for me. We got steps 1-4 of 102 steps done, we have a LONG way to go!!!
This is what we still have to work on:

This is what Chris has been working on for the past couple of weeks. He still has to finish painting the pergola and put shade cloth on top of it. He has one more cement slab to poor before he is done with that fun job. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy our outdoor oasis before summer ends!
We kept Corey up until dark to watch Daddy set off some fireworks. The package I bought from Walmart only had fireworks that went a total of 3 feet high, but Corey loved them, he was even trying to kiss them!! Our neighbors had some awesome ones, and he was a little scared of those!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Corey's New Room

These past couple weeks I have spent painting and reorganizing. We moved Corey into our guest room, and turned the nursery into a guest room/ playroom.

This Corey's new room
(Dad- this was the room you were staying in, I know you're impressed!!!)

This is his playroom/guestroom

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow!! It's been awhile...

The month of June has been a pretty busy one, and I can't believe it's over.

Our first day of summer vacation was spent in the ER with Corey. He threw a temper tantrum because we were going inside while I had a hold of his arm. When he went down he dislocated his elbow, it was a horrible, scary experience!!!!

For the rest of the month we will take a walk through some pictures:

We have dabbled in the arts (of finger painting)
Gone on some play dates. Corey loves playing with Cullum (as much as 1-2 year olds play together), and he absolutely LOVED meeting Rhett!!!
We also took a trip to the Children's Museum with Alex and Alyssa. Corey absolutely loves spending time with his cousins and cries every time they leave the house.

Chris and Kathy have been taking Corey to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings, leaving me home alone to get housekeeping done without a toddler underfoot, it goes a lot faster that way!!! His first trip there he snagged a pepper off someone's table and ate some of it before Chris or Kathy noticed he had it. Unfortunately they didn't know where he got it so they couldn't pay for it.

Hmmm... maybe this is why we had to take a trip the ER!!!

We also made a trip over to Clearwater for Caleigh's 2nd birthday party...

I also have pictures to share of Corey's new bedroom, but they are still on my camera. That concludes June, hopefully I will keep up with this more in July!!!