Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Days These Days

Corey has become a lover of the world outside our home. Although he has more freedom within our house than he did when he was a little younger. His room is now childproofed enough that he can play in there without constant supervision (except for him closing the door, I need to get a doorstop). But, the outside, we usually start out in the backyard that will hopefully be finished when we get our tax return (yipee!!!!!).

He LOVES to ride around on the Powerwheels that he got for his birthday, and usually starts out there. He also loves to watch the chickens, and today Grandma was tending to them so he had lots to watch.
However, often staying in our (heaven forbid) FENCED in back yard is not enough for him. He must wonder the property and ride on all the brvvvvvv's (anything with wheels). As you can see from this video, this is what he calls anything that moves.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Removal of my Teeth

Friday was such a messed up day. I went in for my surgery at 9:45 and spent the majority of my appointment waiting for the novacaine to kick in. After about 45 minutes of waiting (I knew I should have brought my book back with me) they finally started the procedure, it lasted a whole 5 minutes.
We (Kathy, Corey, and I) and went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law on this day, she was a lifesaver!!! We waited about an hour (supposed to be 20 minutes) for the prescriptions to be filled. I was going to wait until I got home to take the pain meds because I knew they would make me drowsy. So, we headed home and low and behold BOTH roads to get to our road are CLOSED!!!!! Kathy had to pick John, Alex, and Alyssa up from school, so I told her to just go ahead and head into town to get them.
We got to the girls school about an hour early and by this time Corey was TIRED of the carseat. So, we found a parking lot, changed his diaper, fed him, and let him stretch his legs a little bit. While we were waiting in line to pick up the girls I realized that there was not room in the car for John. So, after picking up the Alex and Alyssa, Kathy dropped us off at Jeanie's (her sister's) house while she brought John back to their house. While we are Jeanie's the novacaine started to wear off and I didn't want to take the pain pills because I was trying to help with the kids.
When Kathy got back to the house I immediately took the pills. They kicked in about an hour and a half later!!! So, I spent most of that night in and out of it, not really getting a whole lot of sleep.
Saturday I woke up at 6:30 because Corey was crying and he only wanted ME. The problem was that my body wanted me to be hanging over a toilet bowl getting sick. When I got sick in front of Corey, he freaked out, had a total melt down. So, I left him to Chris and went back to bed, waiting until 12 when I could take the anti-nauseau meds again. I slept off and on the rest of the day.
Today was better, but my mouth was hurting by the end of the day. But, I got to spend the day with my adorable son, what more could I ask for. And, I got this adorable video of him signing "more" while saying "please" so cute...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Corey's Dr. Appointment

We went in for Corey's 12 month appointment (although he is 13 months). Here are is stats:
Weight: 22.6 lbs. (25%tile)

Height: 31 in. (50% tile)
Head: 34 cm (99%tile)

He also got his chicken pox vaccine and had no ill effects from it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Holiday Break

So, I was going to post about each holiday that passed as it passed in these past couple of weeks, but time got away from me. So, here is a breakdown of my break :).

The first day of break it was a balmy 80 degrees outside so Corey and I enjoyed it by taking a little dip in his pool. I found that I can't just sit and read as he plays in his pool anymore because now he can get up and walk out of the pool. Unfortunately I cannot let him wander our backyard without constant supervision because it is still under construction.

The next day did not prove to be so warm, we actually had to done his leather jacket and winter hat.
The next couple of days were pretty laid back and relaxed. I stayed up pretty late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents, and the next morning was a lot of fun.

Corey slept longer than I did on Christmas morning, I guess I was a little excited to see how he would react to his presents.

He finally woke up and I sent him to wake up daddy, then everyone else in the house!!!!

Corey walked right past the Christmas tree...

And insisted I put on his Pooh clogs to start the day.

We finally got to the present opening, and that was a fun experience...

This bowl was totally his favorite gift, it took us forever to get him to move on to other gifts.

Later Uncle WIll and Aunt Diana came over for dinner and to give Corey his gifts. They really are feeding into my son's shoe fetish, they got him yet another (really cute!!!) pair of shoes.

Later we went to the DeRosier's of Edgewater for dessert and to exchange gifts with those kiddos. Corey got a Leap Frog Alphabet Magnet thingy in Spanish. It has the letters of the alphabet and when you put them on the base it says the letter and sings a song about it. Well, this particular unit says the wrong letters, for example, when you put "L" in it says "S". I tried changing the battery, nada. It looks like I will be drafting an email to Leap Frog :).

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Monday Corey and I made another trip to Edgewater to have a play date with Julie and Cullum. It is so fun watching kids this age interact with each other. At one point they gave each other such a big hug, they fell down. I have noticed lately that as soon as Corey sees another child, he immediately gives them a hug.

We brought in the New Year watching "Eagle Eye" (AWESOME movie) with Will and Diana as Corey slept soundly in his room. New Year's Day Corey and I took a trip to Port Orange to have yet another play date with Brady. Corey, again was as loving as ever. He hugged Brady so hard that he ended up with a bump on his head!!!

Friday morning was spent with my dad and my adoreably eccentric son!! He walked around with a diaper and one shoe.

Then he tried to sit on the dog, who didn't seem to mind.

He made it up to Toby by reading him a book!!!

Then he played hide the toy from myself and try to find it.

It is amazing to me that every break I have that is longer than a weekend (although those are hard too) it gets harder and harder to go back to work. He is getting so much easier to take care of, and so much fun with all the new things he is learning. In the past two weeks he has started to say "please" and sign more and all done. He is trying to jump, but only gets as far as his toes. I look forward to seeing everything he does in teh coming months!!!