Friday, November 28, 2008

My Baby is One!!!!

I really can't believe it!!! I spent this day last year in the hospital, not to return home for 4 more days!!! I spent the whole day in labor for the doctor to decide at 9:30pm that we needed to do a C-Section!!! Corey was born at 10:12pm at 7lbs. 10oz. and 19 in. long. He is now 22lbs. and I have no idea how long because I haven't measured him lately (that is really hard to do with a walking kid!!!) But 2 months ago he was 29 in. He has grown 15lbs. and 10 in. in the last year. Tomorrow I will be posting the pictures from his party!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Family Visit

Last weekend we had a wonderful visit from Aunt Gail, Brian, Heather, and Little Miss Caleigh. The kids had so much fun with each other and were so cute to watch!!! Corey and Caleigh got aquainted first thing in the morning.

Later that day we went to Sugar Mill Gardens to take some family pictures of Corey, Chris, and I and in the meantime got some REALLY cute pictures of the kids while we were there:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some updates

Corey is now walking as his main source of transportation. It is amazing to me that he went from cruising on the couch to walking full time in a matter of weeks.

Last weekend I decided to let Corey try to feed himself some oatmeal for breakfast. This is his first time using a spoon totally on his own. Just look for yourself to see how THAT turned out...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corey's First Year far

So, I have been working on the scrapbook for Corey's first year. So far, I have the first 4 days done. Tell me what you think so far, any suggestions, anything I should fix. I want to have this done for Christmas, I hope to give hime one every year (which will be nice since his birthday is a month before)!!! Comments, criticism, let me know!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Corey spends a day with his cousins...

Saturday (11/1/08) Corey and I spent the day with his cousins, Alex and Alyssa. After Corey's morning nap we headed off to Buschman Park in Port Orange. Before enjoying the beautiful playground, we enjoyed lunch by the pond. The weather was wonderful, and we had fun watching two squirrels scampering around us (except when we had to throw away our food and were afraid they were going to attack us).

After eating our lunch we went and enjoyed the playground. Corey was not that interested in playing because he was not yet finished with his lunch. The girls, however, enjoyed the playground immensely. They climbed the rock climbing wall several times,

Corey was not at all happy about going down the slide!!!

However, he did love playing with the noisy part of the playground!!

All he wanted to do was climb up the steps after his cousins!!!

Unfortunately, at this point the battery in my camera went dead, and I was not able to take pictures of our walk around the pond. We went on a hunt to see how many animals we could find, the final count was 14. Some of the animal life we found were: lizards, dragonflies, bees, birds, fish, turtles, and spiders (which Alyssa was not too happy to find in the bathroom).
After our walk, we made our way home, with Corey falling asleep 10 minutes before we got there, thus giving up his afternoon nap!!! It was a great day I wish I could repeat more often!!!

Corey's First Halloween

Corey's first Halloween was pretty uneventful, but fun none the less. Chris and I rushed home from work so we could make it down to Canal St. in NSB. So, we went down there and walked in the costume parade. There were so many interesting costumes, but Chris had control of the camera, so no pictures. Corey was content to ride along in his stroller looking at everyone. We watched the baby part of the costume contest and saw quite a few people we knew. Martha and Mike were there checking out the costumes and enjoying some free chocolate milk. Julie was there with Cullum (dressed as bam-bam).

When we left Park Ave. we went by Cora to visit Aunt Sheryl at work and so Corey could do his trick or treating. So, he bagged a Hershey's bar and a Kit-Kat bar, they were very yummy!!! From there Chris and I headed over to Domino's and got subs for dinner (again, yummy!!). On the way home Corey fell asleep and was transferred to his crib without any opposition. He didn't even have any dinner! Halloween tuckered him out. Too bad he didn't feel that way for the end of daylight savings time!! He was up at 5:45am on Sunday.

And now, with no further ado, here are some pictures from that fun evening: