Monday, November 23, 2009

Corey’s Second Birthday Party

For real, can you believe it? Cause I can’t!!!!


Corey had a great time at his party and we had quite a few activities planned, but didn’t get to all of them. The kids painted little wooden cars:

CRW_7386 CRW_7343 CRW_7344 CRW_7354 CRW_7359 CRW_7360 CRW_7372 CRW_7374

The kids played on the playground and the hours I spent building it became worth it (Corey does not care about it yet)

CRW_7405 CRW_7407 CRW_7387 CRW_7389 CRW_7390 CRW_7392 CRW_7398

Then we ate hot dogs and chips and opened presents. Next year I definitely need to work on the saying “thank you” thing. Corey says please fine, haven’t gotten to the thank you yet.

CRW_7471 CRW_7422 CRW_7437 CRW_7444 CRW_7447 CRW_7463

While I got the cake ready the kids decorated frames with pictures of themselves that I took as they walked in. Then we sang happy birthday which Corey was kind of stunned by :)

CRW_7508 CRW_7492 CRW_7496 CRW_7504 CRW_7506

Thank you to everyone who made it out. We really had a great time and Corey LOVES all his gifts!!!

Halloween (I know a little late)

For Halloween we decided against going trick or treating because it was WAAAAAAY too hot out, and we did not want to suffer through that. So, we went to of Chris’s classmate’s party. Chris went as a pregnant lady, Corey as his doctor, and me as a nurse. Enjoy :)CRW_6751 CRW_6743 CRW_6744 CRW_6745 CRW_6748 CRW_6750