Monday, November 3, 2008

Corey's First Halloween

Corey's first Halloween was pretty uneventful, but fun none the less. Chris and I rushed home from work so we could make it down to Canal St. in NSB. So, we went down there and walked in the costume parade. There were so many interesting costumes, but Chris had control of the camera, so no pictures. Corey was content to ride along in his stroller looking at everyone. We watched the baby part of the costume contest and saw quite a few people we knew. Martha and Mike were there checking out the costumes and enjoying some free chocolate milk. Julie was there with Cullum (dressed as bam-bam).

When we left Park Ave. we went by Cora to visit Aunt Sheryl at work and so Corey could do his trick or treating. So, he bagged a Hershey's bar and a Kit-Kat bar, they were very yummy!!! From there Chris and I headed over to Domino's and got subs for dinner (again, yummy!!). On the way home Corey fell asleep and was transferred to his crib without any opposition. He didn't even have any dinner! Halloween tuckered him out. Too bad he didn't feel that way for the end of daylight savings time!! He was up at 5:45am on Sunday.

And now, with no further ado, here are some pictures from that fun evening:

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