Saturday, May 9, 2009

Awesome friends!!!!

As many of you know I post on a message board that includes ladies that have children that were born the same month Corey was born. I am a member of a subgroup (ELW) and I have participated in craft swaps. Well, I participated in the latest one which was for Mother's Day and was blown away by the thought and creativity that went into gifts that were just for me!!! The rules of the swap were: we needed to make a craft for our partner, give a sentimental item, make something edible, and send a recipe. This is what I received from the wonderful momma Kari, all the way from Oregon!!!! She touched my heart with everything she made:

The box was packaged in ALL blue

The first thing I opened were these yummy cupcake bites (I also got the recipe to go along with them), they are, by now, gone!!!

Beautiful necklace #1 (I wore this on Friday)

Beautiful necklace #2 (will be worn tomorrow)

And this beautiful picture frame with one of my favorite pictures on it. This also came with a heartfelt note that brought me to tears!!!

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*jess* said...

what a fun swap it was, huh? and what a great package you got!11