Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

The 4th was a productive day for us. My dad and I worked on Corey's swing set while Sammy kept an eye on Corey for me. We got steps 1-4 of 102 steps done, we have a LONG way to go!!!
This is what we still have to work on:

This is what Chris has been working on for the past couple of weeks. He still has to finish painting the pergola and put shade cloth on top of it. He has one more cement slab to poor before he is done with that fun job. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy our outdoor oasis before summer ends!
We kept Corey up until dark to watch Daddy set off some fireworks. The package I bought from Walmart only had fireworks that went a total of 3 feet high, but Corey loved them, he was even trying to kiss them!! Our neighbors had some awesome ones, and he was a little scared of those!

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