Monday, December 27, 2010

Corey’s 3rd Birthday

 November 27, 2010     

I like to take pictures every year around Corey’s birthday. This year we went to Sugar Mill Gardens where, on the same day, I also took Kaiden’s one year pictures and my nephew John’s senior pictures. Here are Corey’s 3 year pictures and some pictures from his birthday party.

Loving Kaiden Enjoying cake Yummy candlecutie pie peek-a-boo had to have the dinos the Dimetredon is eating my arm!!!1...     2...     3!!!!!  Corey lovin' on MamaLovin' dada 

The Party

When I first asked Corey what kind of party he wanted (in October, a girl has to plan) he said he wanted a shark party. So, I put in my order with Cakes by Laura for a shark cake and some fish cookies.

Shark cakeIMG_8295

Spent some money at Oriental Trading and had some great plans for decorations. When this banner came in:

Birthday banner

He said, “Mama, why are there fishies, I want a dino party?” And I never heard the end of THAT until the end of the party. So, I decorated the house into an ocean wonderland:

the walls

the other wall

the ceiling

Corey's life in books

He had a great time anyway and got spoiled with presents and had tons of fun with his friends and family!!!

outside fun Kaiden triceratops sword  blowing out candles playing with lyssa

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