Friday, July 29, 2011

Who says boys can’t play dress up?


Corey loves to dress up. I think it is a great way for him to use his imagination, and get some exercise!!!


This is him in full motion with his Super Corey costume on. He does all sorts of cool ninja moves with this get up, not to mention catching the bad guy while at it.


We can’t forget his T-Rex costume!!! This is from when he broke his toes a couple of months ago. I am a little worried for when he grows out of this one, it is his favorite. I might have to sew extensions on the legs and arms!


We can’t forget Lightning McQueen. He never did get to wear this one as a Halloween costume, but he loves to race around in it!


Sometimes dressing up isn’t as serious as fighting bad guys, being carnivorous, or winning a race. Sometimes we can be silly about it and wear daddy’s undershirts and socks!!

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