Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11 Months Old

It is hard to believe that one month from now my baby is going to be a year old. It is hard to believe that exactly 11 months ago (9:07) I was being told I would be needing a C-section and was being prepped. I was so nervous, yet so excited that I would be seeing my baby. He was so perfect then, and has gotten even more perfect every day. It is hard to believe how rewarding, tiring, exilerating, and fun parenthood is!!! So, although these pictures were taken last week, we are counting them as Corey's 11 month pictures (I had a workshop this evening and Chris had a parent meeting, so lo and behold, we were not able to take pictures TODAY)

In honor of Corey hitting the 11 month mark, I am going to post a picture of him for every monty of his life:

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