Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Days These Days

Corey has become a lover of the world outside our home. Although he has more freedom within our house than he did when he was a little younger. His room is now childproofed enough that he can play in there without constant supervision (except for him closing the door, I need to get a doorstop). But, the outside, we usually start out in the backyard that will hopefully be finished when we get our tax return (yipee!!!!!).

He LOVES to ride around on the Powerwheels that he got for his birthday, and usually starts out there. He also loves to watch the chickens, and today Grandma was tending to them so he had lots to watch.
However, often staying in our (heaven forbid) FENCED in back yard is not enough for him. He must wonder the property and ride on all the brvvvvvv's (anything with wheels). As you can see from this video, this is what he calls anything that moves.

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