Saturday, March 28, 2009

A DeRosier Outing

Last Sunday some DeRosier's ventured out into the world to enjoy Kidz Dayz in Port Orange. It was a fund day!!! We first enjoyed lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. After we purchased our tickets we found out that Corey is 3 inches too short for all the little kiddie rides, so the girls enjoyed the tickets.

First, was the carousel, which Alyssa was terrified of at first, but relaxed by the end of the ride. Alex (aka roller coaster lover) was, dare I say, a little bored with this ride, I think...

Corey enjoyed be passed from arm to arm between mine and Aunt Molly's, but he eventually wanted down to run. We had to be careful, because on a lot of the rides, the only think blocking the machinery was a piece of cloth that Corey could easily bypass.

When we left the carnival we headed to Marble Slab Creamery and enjoyed some yummy ice cream. Alex was quite surprised by how good hers tasted!!!
Alyssa was not :)
Corey thoroughly enjoyed his sweet cream ice cream

So much so that I could not keep him in his shirt on the way home.

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