Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nickelodeon Hotel (March 7-8)

A couple weeks ago we decided to get away and took advantage of Nickelodeon Hotel's Floridian discount!!! Chris, Corey, and I got there around noon with the intention of spending some time at Universal Studios, but we decided to hang out at the hotel instead. So, we ate some lunch:

Corey explored the room and found the speaker phone button on the room phone. When Aunt Sheryl got there she gave me the awesome idea to UNPLUG the phone.
Then we decided to explore. Corey LOVED the walkways with statues of cartoon characters, and he loved waving *hi* to all the kids who passed.
We went for a dip in the pool while waiting for OP and Sheryl to arrive. Corey was content to sit and watch everyone swim.
Corey and Daddy enjoyed New Moon and Nick Jr.after taking a swim.
When OP and Sheryl got into town we went to the food court for dinner. Corey enjoyed his pizza and milk.
OP really loved the bunk beds, yes he actually slept in them!!!
The next day we spent the day at the pool. Corey liked the kids area, but liked watching people in the big pool better.

Aunt Sheryl ran Corey through the water and he didn't really care for it.But it wasn't anything a pacifier and Daddy couldn't solve!!!

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Aurora Raine said...

Oh wow this place looks so cool, what a fun time!