Thursday, December 4, 2008

Corey's First Birthday Party

Corey's birthday party was a HUGE success!!! He had fun, we had fun, and to the best of my knowledge, everyone who attended had fun!!! So, here is a picture journey through the party:

The awesome cake made by Corey's most awesome G-ma!!!!

Corey helped prepare for the party by throwing balloons everywhere!!!

The decorations: treat bags for the kids, Corey's first year picture frame, a slideshow of photos and videos from Corey's first year, wish cards for people to make wishes for Corey, Corey's babybook, and the Corey A to Z book I had made free through snapfish!!
Yummy muffins also made by the wonderful G-ma.

Pigs in a blanket, pre-cooked

Party favors, cause everyone wants a picture of Corey on their fridge!!!

Corey meeting Ashlyn for the first time (well, at least the first time Ashlyn is alert enough to notice)

Corey did an AWESOME job opening gifts!!!!

Chris, looking on, making sure no one gets out of hand!!!

Uncle Will, he was a HUGE help with taking care of the presents AFTER they had been opened.

Some of Corey's gifts (I am getting on those thank you cards this weekend)

Uncle Will putting together the Pow-Pow-Powerwheels that the Fulbright's so generously got Corey.

Aunt Diana and Aunt Sheryl picking up the mess Corey made opening gifts... it was really bothering Sheryl

Corey getting ready to dig into his cake

Yeah, it gets worse

I can't beleive how much he ate!!!

Dirty boy...

Off to a bath

Yeah, not pretty!!!

He absolutely LOVES baths!!!

He was a happy boy after all that sugar!!

I know that face and position...

It resulting in this... Yes, that is poop in there.

Time to brush the sugar of those 5 teeth!!!

Lovin' my cute, clean boy. That is a cute outfit from Aunt Diana and Uncle Will

Corey gladly went to Uncle Jack as long as Daddy wasn't around

Yes, this gift is GREAT on my back!!!

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