Thursday, February 12, 2009


Because it has been a pathetic month or so since I updated anyone on our little family I am going to do so random style. So, here is a photo journey of our last month.

We, of course, have spent a lot of time outside, except when the weather stayed in the 30's during the day. While that might be required for northerners, we don't have the clothing for that. Corey loves running around outside and riding the four wheeler. We just bought him a wooden playground set with out tax return, I will have pictures of that up when we get it built!!!

I gave Corey a strawberry yesterday, and apparently it was a little sour, this was his reaction. Luckily, my camera was sitting on the kitchen table. This is funny to me because he eats the lemons out of our drink when we go out to dinner!!!

Corey loves riding around on his ride on toys when he is stuck in the house. Lately, he has to wear a hat when he gets on it, especially the fireman's hat. What a goofball!!!!

One of Corey's newest things is pretending to be a dog. He crawls around with Toby, plays fetch, and even shakes his head like Toby does when he brings the fetch toy back to me. He has also started eating like Toby and picking the food off of his tray with his mouth:

How do I know my baby is turning into a little boy? He is not eating Playdo when he uses it. He will play with this stuff for up to 30 minutes. The perfect amount of time to get the kitchen cleaned up or make a meal!!!

I recently participated in a Valentine's craft swap with some ladies on the Birth Board I post on, this was my loot. Corey enjoyed the cookies with me and loved playing with the ribbon (thank you again Lindsey)!!!!

Last, but most certainly not least, on January 30th we went to the ceremony for Chris to receive his teacher of the year award. Not really Chris's thing because he was in the spotlight, but it was fun!!! We got to go to a WONDERFUL hibachi restaurant afterward!!!

With that, I PROMISE to post more often! Right after Corey gets the 6 teeth he is cutting right now!!


Aurora Raine said...

Ahaha! I love the strawberry pictures!

*jess* said...

how did i not know you had a blog??? hmm. anyways, love the pics!!!