Thursday, October 2, 2008

Corey....10 Months (really)

I can't believe it either, my little baby is growing into a kid right before my eyes!!! Here are some pictures from his 10 month photo shoot (we used the suit from OP and Sheryl's wedding and put him on the beach)

This child just amazes me every day with the new things he can do. He has added quite a few words to his repertoire: he now points to anything he wants and says "dat," he refers to Toby as a "dug," and he is finally melting my heart with "mama" (which he used to only say when he woke up crying at night). He is standing on his own and "cruising" on the furniture, I am cursing the day he learns to walk (but am secretly hoping he does it while I am at home and not at work). He has also turned into a little snugglebug and gives lots of hugs and kisses!!!

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