Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Halloween Party

Getting Ready

The night before the part Chris gutted and prepared the pumpkins for carving and I got the seeds ready for roasting:

Then, Chris did and AWESOME job of carving the pumpkins, he drew the design freehand and I couldn't even come close to doing this!!!

The next day after Chris got home from work he got the front yard and inside of the house ready, and he did a great job there, too!!! He put up gravestones in the front yard, and we had spiderwebs with blacklights ALL over the house. It was actually extremely annoying because the spiderwebs were low enough that we kept getting caught in them.

While trying to set the mood for the party Chris put on some Rob Zombie, which Corey seemed to really like:

The Party

The party went off without a hitch we had quite a few people show up, and I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of the food, but I made graveyard stones, blood toes, and mummy dogs. The food was a big hit, we didn't have any left after it was all said and done!!!

Here are some pictures of our guests and the fun times we had!!!

The Firefighter and his Devil Dog

Sleep Martha...Corey really liked her teddy bear and fake pacifier (not the one in his mouth)

Corey in his whole get-up, minus the hat of course!

Corey and me looking at all of Chris's hard work outside

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this...

People eating, Sheryl really looks like a vampiress in this pic, with the red eye!!!

Chris (the doctor) reattaching the Dark Knight's arm

Sheryl and OP

Will and Stephanie

Mullet Corey..he, he

Cave people Jenn and Steve...

That stinkin' arm won't stay on!!!

Yeah, Mike is asleep under that mask

Shelly and Brianne showed up around 8:00, Corey really loves playing with kids, and it was icing on the cake that Toby was playing, too!!!

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