Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Fun Weekend

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to have a fun time with my son (not that we don't normally, but I wanted it to be extra fun). This day also just happened to be the day Corey turned 16 months (could it be so?) One of the mommies on the message board I posted on had 3 great ideas that she was going to be doing with her son, so I stole them!!! Thanks again Rachael!!!!

First on the list was edible play dough, which was really good!!! I made it using the following ingredients:

Corey then enjoyed his time with the playdough:

As Corey was playing with the dough I started getting ready for the next activity, water play, which was needed after that sticky stuff!!!! I filled 6 tubs with warm water, bubbles, and bath toys. I then put Corey in a swim diaper and we went outside to play:

Once Corey got sick of playing with the tubs I dumped all the water, which was still warm, into his pool. Turns out he had pooped in his diaper so he went into the pool naked after being rinsed off. Good thing we live in the country!!!

When Corey was sick of the pool he decided he wanted to ride around on his Power Wheels in his birthday suit:

While Corey took a 2 hour nap I set up a fort/maze in the living room with different stations. One station had a pack-n-play with all his cars in it, one had his legos, and one his couch/bed with books on it:

Needless to say Corey and I fell asleep on the couch at 6:30, I think I need to do that more often :)

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