Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Break Day 4: playing in the snow and a little party

On Tuesday we woke up to a whole lotta snow!!!! Later in the day we decided to take the kids out and play. Corey wasn't to sure of the snow, and he REALLY didn't like touching it!!!!

We decided to do a birthday party for the boys since we were all together and their birthdays fall during times that are impossible for us to get together. So, we made a cake and Casey's mom (Debbie, for future reference) made some yummy, yummy, yummy peanut butter frosting and let the kids lick the beaters. When they were done the beater's were clean enough to put away (just kidding by the way, we did wash them).

I also found out why cake smashes are done on the first birthday: because once a child learns to use a fork, they will no longer "smash" their cakes. We tried, it didn't work... However, Nicholas did have a messy face by the end because someone pushed his face into it.

We gave the kids a bath after the cake and then they got to open some presents.
Nicholas got a movie and some Batman wings.

Kyle got a racetrack:

And Corey got a vehicles fridge magnet and a shake and roll Lightning McQueen car:

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