Saturday, August 30, 2008

9 Months

In honor of Corey's 9 month birthday, I am going to list 9 things I love about him:

1. I love how he gets so excited he can barely move his arms fast enough when Chris and I come home from work.

2. I love how determined he is to get something he wants (even when he is not supposed to have it)
3. I love that every once in a while, when he is playing, he will crawl over to me and snuggle with me for a second before continuing to play.

4. I love that he is such an easy going kid.
5. I love that he is finally gaining some independence, but I hate that he does not need me as much.
6. I love it when he gives me open mouthed kisses, even though I have drool running down my cheek afterwards.
7. I love it when he babbles and tells me all kinds of stories about his day.
8. I love that he is weaning himself off of the pacifier and saving me the trouble of doing it when he is older.
9. I love that he is developing a personality and I can tell he is going to be a really entertaining kid (because he is a VERY entertaining baby).

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