Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Survived Tropical Storm Fay (she way overstayed her welcome)

And she still hasn't left. As I sit here she is pounding away at our door asking to stay. But, she caused our power to be out for 18 hours. So, no thank you, she can go away now!!! Not only that but she caused us to have 4 days off of work, which we are going to have to make up during Thanksgiving break when we really need the break. At least Chris is sane enough to have used the generator to hook up the TV and internet so we didn't go completely crazy today. However, because of the heat and no AC Corey did not take very good naps today which = no time to get things done.

So, I started this last night (Thursday) thinking I would wake up this morning to a dry morning. How wrong I was. It is still raining and our pond is about to overflow. Thank goodness we had the sense to build our house on a hill. This is the fourth straight day of raining and I want to go out. Sheryl's Bridal Shower is tomorrow and I am concerned I will not be able to get off the road!!!

cfggtrybyghuuhytrfxccrcxfc hjkas (that's what Corey has to say on the subject)

Here is a comparison of the pond on Tuesday compared to today:



(I may be needing those jet skis to get off the road!!!!)

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