Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Child Never Ceases to Amaze Me

He is just turning into what seemed so far away when he was first born. He was so little and dependent, it is amazing how much they learn to do in the first years of their life. He is into everything, but at this point it is amusing (I know very soon it will be a major pain). Right now I can keep the mess contained in the living room.

The other day I had his seat in the living room to feed him breakfast. Well, I didn't put it away and it was something new. So, of course, he wants to play with it. Next thing I know he has pulled it over to the couch...

All to get to Daddy's computer bag.

The following day he was back at the changing table, terrorizing it. Well, he had pulled out all the diapers he could reach, so he went onto his tiptoes to reach it. It is amazing the confidence he is getting with standing.

This is his determined stubborn look!!!

As he finished up tearing up diapers, he turned, and, barely hanging on, stood up and held on to the turtle. He didn't PULL himself up, he stood up. So, I went into a tyred on how he is not aloud to grow up and start walking, talking, and telling me no. He climbed down off the turtle, crawled over to me (I was laying on my tummy taking pictures of him), put his forehead against mine, and laughed at me!!! I know the inevitable will happen.

This kid is too much, there is never a dull moment!!!

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