Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Son, The Planner...

I am not sure where he gets it. Chris and I sure don't plan out anything ;)

This all started a couple of weeks ago when he really started pulling himself up. We pulled his changing table in front of the odd opening in our living room that no baby gate will block, and he likes to go out of it to get to the dog food. Well, on this particular day he pulled himself on the turtle ottoman that we had right next to the changing table, he looked behind him and noticed there was nothing but tile floor. So, he started whining for someone to help him down. Once we did he crawled over to his changing table, took all the clothes and blankets off of it and put them beside the turtle. Then, he proceeded to pull himself back up on the turtle look at us and laugh and wave. So cute.

Today, the changing table was in the same spot, and he has been trying find a way to get by it, to get to the dog food. First he pulled everything off the bottom shelf and made a major mess. Then tried to get the courage to crawl through.

But, he sure is cute!!!

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