Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to Reality

It's that time again, the beginning of the school year. This time of year has never been so bittersweet for me. I normally LOVE the beginning of the school year, the newness and freshness of it. But, this year there are so many changes in my life, and I am a person who likes constants. The biggest change is having to deal with leaving my precious baby at home. I loved these last couple of months and spending every waking moment with him!!! He is growing and doing new things everytime I turn around. This is one of his new tricks:

Secondly, Chris has started his masters and on top of having to go to class two nights a week from 6-10 (with driving time he is gone from 5-10:30), he is studying most nights he does not have class:

Sorry hun, had to do it. But, seriously, he is working really hard!!!!

The final change that is the wierdest for me is that I am NOT at Oak Hill, the place where I grew up as a teacher. However, I do like my team at Pride and am getting used to the classroom and all the new technology ;) Here are some pictures of my new classroom:

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