Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Life

I meant to start a blog when Corey was born, life got in the way. So, since I am starting one 8 months later, I am going to start my first post with a day in the life of us!!! I know everyone reading this is so excited they can hardly contain themselves!!!

Corey usually waks for the day between 7am and 8am, which means that is when I wake for the day (outside of the occasional morning Chris lets me sleep in). Corey and I usually spend the first part of the morning playing in the living room and enjoying each other's company:

After he plays for awhile and has expended some energy, we refeul with some breakfast, usually consisting of fruit, cereal, and then some cheerios so I can eat my breakfast...

After breakfast we commence the playtime (I love playing with my son, he is such a funny little fellow). But occassionally he does try to sneak away and get into the dog bowl:

Finally, it is nap time. Which simply means I get to do dishes, laundry, or sit on the computer and browse. After naptime is some more playtime... maybe even go outside and play with Chris!!!!

Around noon we enjoy a leisurely lunch,

After lunch we fill up our little pool and go for a swim (mostly to wash all the food off)

Nap time again, Corey sleeps for a while so I can get more chores done and relax a little.

After his nap (which I admittedly take with him sometimes), we have some more play time, then it's dinner (which we always sit down as a family and eat except when Chris is at school), bath, book, and bed by 7:30. Here are some fun bathtime photos:

Of course, in a couple of weeks my daily life is going to change drastically as we have to start back to work, blah!!!

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