Monday, August 4, 2008

The Tux Fitting

The tux fitting went well yesterday. Chris, Corey, and I arrived a little early so Corey got some Daddy time.
When everyone got there we all went inside and OP gave the guy the information on his groomsmen.
Poor Corey still was not feeling well, he still had a slight fever. But he was a trooper through the whole fitting. We found out they sell little tuxes for babies, but since he wasn't feeling well we didn't fit him into one. We are going to go back to fit him into one!!!!

They decided to go with a brown pinstripe tux that matches the dresses PERFECTLY with a solid aqua vest and tie, with white for OP of course!!! (The one on the left)

Then the boys had to be measured for their tuxes and try on different pants, jackets, and shoes to check the sizes.

After we were all done there, the boys went out to eat at Cancun Lagoon and Sheryl and I went to Olive Garden.

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